SHRL is a free, open source URL-shortening service.

Using SHRL is completely free, but if you register an account, you get a bunch of benefits including:

  • Control generated short-URLs
  • Manage created short-URLs (edit or delete URLs you've created before)
  • And much more!


Find the price that suits you!

Free forever

Our free user accounts have nearly all the benefits of paid accounts.

  • Custom link URLs (min 7 characters long)
  • Shorter redirect delay (7 seconds)


For just $3/month, get:

  • Shorter custom URLs (min 5 characters long)
  • Even short delay (5 seconds)


For $5/month, you get the best deal:

  • Shortest URLs (from 3 characters long)
  • No redirect delay (redirects are served as 301-headers directly)